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Форум інформатиків » РОЗДІЛ I: ІНФОРМАТИКА, ПРОБЛЕМИ, ОБГОВОРЕННЯ, ВИРІШЕННЯ » 1.13 Новини. Освітні питання » CSTA Announcements (Оголошення Асоціації вчителів інформатики (США))
CSTA Announcements
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Пропонуємо оголошення про курси, змагання та інші заходи CSTA
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Learn robotics online

Dear CS Educators, Do you want to improve your understanding of how robots think, sense and move? Curious about
robotics for education and its potential for engaging students with hands-on STEM learning? Learn Robotics Online is a hands-on online workshop series for STEM Teachers developed by the CoderZ Team at Intelitek. They are offering the workshop series for free to CSTA Members and we wanted to encourage you to sign up for this
fantastic opportunity.  The lessons are a combination of short topical videos and hands-on exercises covering topics such as navigation, sensors and programming.
The exercises will be done in the CoderZ virtual robotics learning environment which comes with a realistic simulator so you can see your robot execute your code. No need for any hardware! The series is self paced and online so you can watch the videos and practice the exercises wherever and whenever you want.   Go to https://gocoderz.thinkific.com/courses/robotics-for-stem-teachers to view the full curriculum and sign up.  Who is this for?● Educators of all levels who are curious how robots work and how to control them● Teachers looking to use robotics to introduce their students to programming ● Teachers looking to introduce programming into existing robotics programs  To learn more about CoderZ you can visit http://gocoderz.com and sign up for a free trial account. If you have any questions you can be in touch with the CoderZ team by emailing mhorwitz@intelitek.com  

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New (Lower) Tuition Rate for Online Certificate in Computing Program at SUNY Albany 

Dear CS Educators,
We hope yours enjoyed the 2017 CSTA annual conference including the
"Head Shot Station" sponsored by the University at Albany (SUNY

We have some good news to share with you, especially for those who are
interested intaking our online graduate certificate program in computing
education (CCE) program. As a result of a new policy, SUNY Albany has
much lower tuition rates that applies to students who live outside NY
state and taking only online coursework. The new online out-of-state
tuition rate applies to all online programs including our CCE program. You can find the tuition rate and learn more about the CCE program in the attached program information sheet.

The Certificate in Computing Education (CCE) is also integrated with the
M.S. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology at UAlbany.
You can earn two valuable formal credentials simultaneously.

The CCE program offers a series of five courses with the flexibility for
students (teachers) to customize their course sequences to meet
different learning needs. The program has three required courses:
  • ETAP 652C Teaching Computing in the Secondary School
  • ETAP 650 Educational Computing in the Math/Science Class
  • ETAP 540 Learning and Teaching Computer Science Principles

For electives, students are able to pick one of four concentrations
or a combination of those courses in computer science, computer games,
instructional technology and other special topics. The program is
designed to offer CS content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge as well as
pedagogical content knowledge for teaching CS and integrating
computational thinking into teachers' home disciplines.

All of these courses can be taken online, and no CS background or programming experience is required to apply for this program. You can apply to the program here.

Teachers are also welcome to take some of these courses to meet ongoing professional development needs.

If you have any questions about this program or CS methods courses offered at UAlbany, feel free to contact Dr. Lijun Ni at lni@albany.edu, or Dr. Peter Shea at pshea@albany.edu.

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September 2017

Celebrate Cyber Education with LifeJourney's NSA Day of Cyber during National Cybersecurity
Awareness Month
Summer is over and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) - observed every October - is right around the corner, which makes this the perfect time to plan your "NSA Day of Cyber" day. 

Choose a date this October to run the NSA Day of Cyber online cyber career exploration experience in your classroom and
connect your students to some of the most in-demand career opportunities
in cybersecurity.

STOP. THINK. CONNECT. - the global online safety education and awareness campaign, is the
cornerstone of this month-long program to educate all consumers and
businesses about the importance of cybersecurity and protecting personal
information. (#CyberAware)

We are searching for the best and most creative NSA Day of Cyber Classroom Experiences. Share how you
celebrated National Cybersecurity Awareness Month using the NSA Day of
Cyber and be featured in the next Day of Cyber Newsletter! Tweet us @dayofcyber with #dayofcyber

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Register Now For the American Computer Science League

Register as a new member for the contests of the American Computer Science League (ACSL) and get a FREE contest question CD. The CD contains 27 questions and
solutions from our category list and 20 original programming problems with solutions.

Our Elementary Division introduces students in grades 3-6 to the introductory concepts in Computer Number Systems, Prefix/Infix/Postfix Notation, Boolean Algebra, and Graph Theory in a classroom environment or outside of school as an
enrichment opportunity. This Division will only involve 5 short problems per contest and no programming problem.

Most other CS contests are geared for just your very best students. ACSL has three other divisions for teams of students:
Junior for students in grades 6-9,
Intermediate for first-year, high school programmers, and
Senior for experienced, post-AP level programmers.ACSL even has a
Classroom Division that does not require programming with 10 questions per contest from three or four different categories each time.
It is possible for smaller schools to participate by registering for a 3-person team or choose a 5-person team for larger CS programs. Most of
all, every student who participates will have an opportunity to learn valuable computer science concepts and develop strong programming skills
that will serve them well in the future.

All schools can submit a team score for each contest representing their top 3 or 5 students regardless of how many actually participate. Schools will be ranked
internationally in each division and an invitational All-Star Contest will be held every Memorial Day weekend in a different U.S. location as a
team competition.

ACSL is in its 40th year of offering creative contests with new short problems and programming problems every year. It is not only approved by CSTA, but also the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

There is a lot more information including a registration form, a slide show introducing the new Elementary Division, and a complete set of contest questions for all of the ACSL divisions on the website at www.acsl.org.

Email any questions to info@acsl.org. We promise to answer quickly!


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Free preview sample of new Introduction to Computer Science: Coding
The Young Innovators to Watch Awards recognize entrepreneurial students (ages 13 -19) who are innovating with technology. Winners will be flown to CES, Las Vegas in January (along with a chaperone) to attend their Award Celebration, and accept their scholarships. In addition they'll have a VIP tour of CES focusing on how CES cultivates entrepreneurship through a variety of startups, accelerators, incubator and academic programs.

Goodheart-Willcox announces a new Computer Science textbook that includes time-saving Instructor Resources - lesson plans, detailed daily scope and sequence charts, answer keys, and PowerPoint presentations - ideal for new and experienced teachers. Designed for the classroom with solid pedagogy, Introduction to Computer Science: Coding introduces students in grades 6-9 to computer science and coding, with cross-curricular connections to math, science, and language arts. It teaches computer science concepts - rather than focusing on a specific software - to help students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. The text offers over 75 hands-on activities that can be used in the classroom using a variety of free software programs: Scratch, App Inventor, Alice, and HTML. Special features include Cooperative Coding team-based activities that encourage teamwork; Conundrum features that present code that must be analyzed and fixed; and Try It! Sections that let students individualize their work and be creative.

One computer science teacher commented, "I spent the past two years working with all of our district's schools to implement K-12 computer science
education, and I think this text could be a vital link between elementary and high school curriculum."

Order a free preview sample today! Visit www.g-w.com/preview and enter promo code: csta.

Looking for Python Teachers to Evaluate New Advanced Python Course
has just completed a new advanced Python course (Python II) and is looking for experienced Python teachers to evaluate it. We are willing to compensate participants with free course access for classrooms, fees for service, or some combination of the two.

Python II assumes that students have taken the introductory Python I course or equivalent, so they should be familiar with basic concepts such as for-loops. In
Python II, students learn:
  • Operations with text strings
  • Working with system date and time
  • Drawing with Pylab and Matplotlib
  • Using libraries including Time, Numpy and Scipy
  • Binary and hexadecimal number formats
  • Binary operations, logic gates and adders
  • ASCII table and RGB colors
  • Working with lists, tuples and dictionaries
  • Recursion, input/output file operations
  • Sorting algorithms, cryptography
  • Bitmaps and vector image formats
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP)

The objective is to provide students with a solid foundation in Python, while addressing CSTA Computer Science standards and practices. NCLab
uses real world problems and applications to teach these concepts and skills.

Contact us now to evaluate the course and learn about other course development opportunities.

Sheila Bunch
Director of Education
NCLab, Inc.
End of year giving

Did you know that you can include CSTA in your end of year giving plans? CSTA is a 501c3 and when you donate, you can let us know how you want your gift to be used. We know that there are many causes and many ways to be involved with CSTA, but we hope that you will consider supporting your membership association and your colleagues.

To find out more, please visit csteachers.org and click on Donate.codeSpark Academy and Peanuts Worldwide Launch
Snoopy Snow Brawl for Hour of Code
Academy is happy to announce its newest Hour of Code activity: Snoopy Snow Brawl! Up to 4 players can join in the coding fun while practicing
sequencing, parameters, and loops concepts in this multiplayer snowball game. Available until January 15, 2018.

Visit www.codesparkapp.com/hourofcode

Celebrate CSEdWeek 2017 with a new Hour of Code activity from CS FirstDecember 4th-10th
To celebrate Computer Science Education Week 2017, the CS First team at Google has created a new activity where students design and code their own Google logo using the programming language Scratch.

Google Doodles are special logos that appear on the Google homepage. They celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists. At Google, there's an entire team of artists and computer scientists that creates Doodles -- and now students can join in the fun.
Bring the activity to students today!

"Create your own Google logo" is a fun activity that can be completed in 15 minutes to an hour. Anyone can teach it and no computer science background is required. You can check out what CS First students
have already created here.

Click here to review our digital lesson plans and other materials for teachers, And click here to get started with the activity!

We look forward to seeing what kids create!

The 'Hour of Code™' is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week[csedweek.org] and Code.org[code.org] to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.Cutler-Bell Prize Deadline One Month Away

Do you know a graduating high school student that excels in their computer courses? We are seeking submissions for the prestigious ACM/CSTA Cutler-Bell Prize in High School Computing. Challenges for the award will focus on developing an artifact that engages modern computing technology and computer science. Judges look
for submissions that demonstrate ingenuity, complexity, relevancy, originality, and a desire to further computer science as a discipline. The deadline to submit is January 5, 2018. Eligible applicants for the award will include graduating high school seniors residing and attending school in the US.

Find out more here.


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